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Best 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 2000w & 3000w in Australia

Are you wondering what a pure sine wave inverter is? It is a device that helps to convert power from a deep cycle battery into reliable, usable and consistent electricity.

It is great for those who need mobile power solutions and want to stay away from bulky and noisy power generators. These inverters are smaller and more compact for power generation.

Since they are much easier to transport, 24v and 12v pure sine wave inverters in Australia are in high demand.

Besides that, pure sine wave inverters are noise-free, and they do not require petrol to operate. Also, they provide AC power that can be utilised for various operations and for a wide range of electrical appliances and tools.

If you are in search of a power solution for your campsite for motorhome, Oz Sales Group can help you with that. We are your one-stop-shop for some of the best 3000 watt pure sine wave inverters in Australia.

Quick understanding about how inverters work:

Inverters do not have the power to generate electricity on their own. Instead, these accessories convert DC electricity stored in their battery bank to produce AC power.

This is similar to what a car's battery does. So, you no longer need a mechanical engine like a large generator as solar and electric inverters to transform and modify DC to AC power using high-speed electrical switches.

This implies that the power conversion process will be more convenient, efficient as well as safe for the environment.

Pure sine wave inverters are usually connected to 12v and 24v batteries. You can find varied sizes and wattage of inverters in the market. You can find inverters that could range from 600w/1200w to as high as 5000w/10,000w.

Are you confused about the two different wattages it shows? The first value is the maximum continuous power of the device that can be produced, whereas the second value is the maximum power output.

So, whether you need to charge a simple tool or operate sophisticated electronics appliances, a pure sine wave inverter can definitely help you with that!

What is the importance of using a sine wave inverter?

A pure sine wave inverter, also called a true sine wave, is one of the best electricity sources that converts battery power into usable electricity.

It is widely used across Australia for various uses and has immense importance with great benefits:

  • Less electrical noise:

    The device produces less noise in its output compared to other inverters such as modified sine waves. Moreover, a sine wave power inverter offers better performance that can be used for many electronic appliances.

  • More efficiency:

    You would be aware of the fact that harmonic distortion is one of the biggest problems with modified sine wave inverters. This issue causes electric noise.

    However, with sine wave inverters, you will not face such issues, and your appliances, electronics, and motors will run with more efficiency, producing more heat.

  • No damage to the appliance:

    Other types of inverters can damage certain equipment and appliances such as smartphones with battery chargers, laser printers and computers. However, it is minimised with a pure sine wave inverter.

Why trust Oz Sales Group's 2000w pure sine wave inverters in Australia?

As mentioned earlier, pure sine wave inverters are used for various kinds of electrical devices across Australia.

These appliances are perfect for ensuring a smoother and more efficient supply of electricity for running household appliances such as phone chargers, heaters, laptops and more.

Moreover, you will get multiple levels of overload protection, safeguard against short circuits, and security against load control.

We are one of the most reputed sellers of pure sine wave inverters in Australia. Our team has an in-depth understanding of what our customers are looking for and how to provide it with a reliable and affordable solution.

You can get a wide range of pure sine wave inverters with a wide input voltage range that is perfect for 24v and 12v inverters.

If you are looking for a reliable 12v pure sine wave inverter, then Oz Sales Group is here to help.

Here are a few reasons to choose from our range of sine wave power inverters:

  • Dynamic product range:

    From 600-watt inverters to 20000-watt workhorses, we have the capability of providing you with inverters for almost every power requirement.

  • Reasonable prices:

    With us, you will get the best electric inverter price. We also offer impressive discounts along with an extremely competitive price.

  • Warranty protection:

    We can ensure that the quality of our products is top-notch by offering warranties on all of our inverters that lasts from around 1 year to 5 years.

So, call our team on 0414 684 786 or drop us an email at info@ozsalesgroup.com.au to buy the best pure sine wave inverters in Australia!

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